Virtual light to restore and interpret cultural heritage works

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Here it is my first scientific publication.

I made it in collaboration with: Laura Gigli, Stefano Levialdi, Anna Labella on 2010. It was a collaboration with the computer science department of University of Rome La Sapienza. I was doing some experiments on realtime graphic involving bump mapping/offset mapping/cone step-mapping techniques, and we discussed on how to apply these techniques to cultural heritage photos.

This applied research project is based on the dialectics existing between thecoming to light of a newborn artistic creation and its returning to light throughits restoration. The main idea is to build a bridge between the metaphysics ofthe creative thought of the artist and today’s vision of the architect/historian ofart who performs the restoration. It seems therefore natural to look at the lightas the key to enable the interpretation of the work of art and use such light tounderstand and restore it.

Here it is a link to the google books version of this paper:

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